Our Work

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Gerald Liu, Kids First Chicago

"Kristin is a superstar. She is able to quickly synthesize a lot of complex and scattered data and viewpoints into a workable action plan. Her ability to strategize and help our organization compose processes to help achieve our goal has been instrumental."


Dr. Amy Brereton

"Kristin is highly knowledgeable and unafraid to have necessary conversations to help to move an organization forward.  She is one of the few people that I would recommend without reservation if you need support to grow the health of your organization."

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Danielle Washington

"Kristin provided me with high-quality leadership coaching that supported me in the development of systems and structures aimed at helping us to meet our school's goals. As a result of our work with her, our school experienced a smooth and successful launch and first year."


Dr. Vasthi Acosta

"Kristin listens deeply to your needs and goals then supports you, as the leader, to create a plan that will take you step by step toward meeting your goals and addressing your needs. Kristin shifts gears to meet you where you are and ensure forward progress. Kristin is a joy to work with and makes you feel that she is as invested in your success as you are."